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Article No. KB-00077HP
Date Created: 05/19/08
Date Modified: 05/19/08

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  Q. The sheet feeder on the ArtixScan Di 2020 scanner is not grabbing the paper to feed it through. How do I resolve this problem?

  A. Microtek recommends that you clean some of the parts on your scanner and ADF. Please see below:

From time to time, the ADF rubber rollers need to be cleaned, depending on daily usage. The steps below will guide you through the cleaning process.

  1. Power off the scanner, and remove the USB and / or FireWire cable from the back of the scanner. Also unplug the power cable from the back of the scanner.
  2. Refer to your Userís Manual to learn how to access the rollers for cleaning purposes.
  3. Once you are familiar with your scannerís ADF, open the ADF lid.
  4. Identify the rubber rollers in your ADF. They might look something like this: Roller Once you have access to the ADF rollers, the next procedure is a must.
  5. Wash your hands using soap and water to assure that there is no oil or dirt on your fingers while rotating the rollers.
  6. Use a lint free cloth or swab moistened with water to rub over the rubber rollers while rotating them to clean the entire surface.
  7. You will do this for all the rubber rollers inside the ADF. If you use your scannerís ADF on a daily basis, and your scanner is 6 months or older, it is recommended that you also replace your rubber pad.

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