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Article No. KB-00106SW
Date Created: 04/12/10
Date Modified: 09/13/10

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  Q. Do you have Windows Vista or Windows 7 drivers for my discontinued Microtek scanner?

  A. Microtek will not be releasing certified driver for the scanners below. Microtek has tested the last windows XP 32 bit driver for the scanners below and it has worked. Many customers who have used this driver, have successfully installed the scanner. The driver can be downloaded at the end of this document.

Note: In order to install the scanner in Windows Vista or Windows 7, you need to disconnect the scanner from the back of the computer's USB cable. Next install the driver and reboot your computer. Once your computer has rebooted connect the scanner to the back of the computer's USB connector. Also you need to check if the scanner is being detected without a yellow exclamation in the device manager. If a yellow exclamation is in device manager, remove the scanner from the device manger and reboot the computer.

ScanMaker 3600

ScanMaker 3700

ScanMaker 3740

ScanMaker 3750i

ScanMaker 3800

ScanMaker 3840

ScanMaker 4600

ScanMaker 4700

ScanMaker 4800

ScanMaker 4850

ScanMaker 4900

ScanMaker 5600

ScanMaker 5700

ScanMaker 5900

ScanMaker 6700

ScanMaker 6800

ScanMaker 8700

ScanMaker 8700 Pro

ScanMaker 9600XL

ScanMaker i300

ScanMaker i320

ScanMaker s400

ScanMaker V6UPL

ScanMaker V6USL

ScanMaker X12USL

ScanMaker X6 (USB models only)

SlimScan C3/C6 (USB models Only)


  • ScanMaker 8700 Pro

  • ScanMaker 9600XL

  • ScanMaker X6 & SlimScan (USB model only)

  • Vantas & Scanport

  • All others

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