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ArtixScan 2020

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ArtixScan 2020
Quick Specs

36-bit color depth

Up to 2,000 dpi

3.4 Dynamic Range

Independent scan beds for reflective & transparent scanning

Templates for standard film formats

The ArtixScan 2020 is a truly complete desktop scanning solution for professional users with moderate-to-high production volume requirements. With its 3.4D maximum density and powerful 36-bit color depth, the ArtixScan 2020 reproduces vivid, accurate color with exceptional shadow and highlight detail. The innovative Microtek-patented design on this A3+ scanner allows for glass-free film scanning, eliminating artifacts such as Newton Rings. The scanner combines dual-platen and dual-lens technologies, resulting in maximum productivity.

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Microtek Part Number


Bit Depth


Color Passes

Single pass

Optical Resolution

2,000 dpi (high-resolution area)
667 dpi (entire scan bed)

Max. Interpolated Resolution

4,000 x 4,000 dpi

Scan Area

12" x 18" Reflective
9.5" x 12" Film/Transparencies

Interface Type



Windows and Macintosh

Included Software

Microtek ScanWizard Pro 6 (PC/Mac)
Microtek Scanner Profiler (MSP) (PC/Mac)
Kodak Digital Science Color Management (PC/Mac)
Adobe Acrobat Reader (PC/Mac)

Included Hardware

35 mm mounted slide, 35mm filmstrip, 4"x5", and 6x9cm SnapTrans Templates; 8"x10" SnapTrans glass tray; Adaptec 2903B (PC/Mac) PCI SCSI card; SCSI and power cables

PC System Requirements

64MB RAM (128MB recommended); Pentium PC or higher
Windows 95/98/2000/Me/NT 4.0

Mac System Requirements

64MB RAM (128MB recommended); Mac OS 8.5 or later

Image Sensor

8,000-element tri-linear CCD array



Scanner Weight

57 lbs.

Shipping Weight

85 lbs.

Scanner Dimensions

19" x 29" x 9" (LxWxH)

Box Dimensions

29.5" x 44.5" x 19.5" (LxWxH)

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Features & Benefits

8,000-element CCD

Provides a maximum optical scanning resolution of 2,000 dpi for crisp images, allowing for greater enlargement with richer detail.

Microtek Scanner Profiler (MSP)

Consists of a 4"x5" Kodak Q-60 reflective color target, a 4"x5" Kodak Q-60 transparency color target, and calibration software for maintaining consistent color quality in any work environment.

E.D.I.T. Technology

Emulsion Direct Imaging Technology ensures distortion-free image quality for film scanning, since there is no glass between the scanner lens and film emulsion.

Film Holders

Holders are provided for scanning 35mm mounted slildes, 35mm filmstrips, 2-1/4" and 4"x5" film. A glass plate allows for scanning 8"x10" or odd-sized transparencies.

ScanWizard Pro 6 software

Allows for direct CMYK, LAB, high-bit RGB (for full 36-bit image data to Adobe Photoshop), 24-bit RGB, Web Color, and Indexed Color scanning. Provides a multitude of pre-scan adjustment tools, including downloadable gamma curves, dynamic range control, user-definable white and black point control, customizable descreening, LCH color space, selective color control, and much more.

Dedicated light source

The film holder tray is installed inside the scanner, and at the same time, an extra light source is installed specifically for transparent media below. Another light source is installed above the holder for reflective materials, so that light for the transparent media does not have to travel through glass.

Flip-mirror design

Allows a flexible light path depending on the scanned media by switching mirrors according to the scan mode setting. Both transmissive and reflective scanning are possible in one mechanical layout.

In the Box

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ArtixScan 2020 scanner

SnapTrans Templates

Adaptec 2903B PCI SCSI card

SCSI cable

Power cable

Microtek software CD

* All software shipped in promotional packaging on CD-ROM. All software bundles are subject to change without notice.

* The following are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies: ScanMaker and ScanWizard of Microtek International, Inc.; Macintosh, iMac, G3, and G4 of Apple Computer, Inc.; Windows of Microsoft Corporation; Kodak, Digital Science, and the ds monogram symbol of Eastman Kodak Company. All other trademarks or registered trademarks are the property of their respective holders.