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Microtek Scanner Installation Guide for ScanMaker E3+ (SCSI)

Basic Requirements
  • IBM-PC 486, Pentiums, or compatibles
  • Microsoft Windows 95, NT 4.0
  • 16MB RAM (minimum) 32 MB RAM (recommended) depending on installed software components
  • At least 200-300 MB hard disk
  • Super VGA Color display with 256 colors (minimum, 24bit recommended)

    Unpack scanner and check components
    Open your scanner package and check the components as stated in your packing list. If any component is missing, call Microtek Sales and Customer Service at 1-800-654-4160.

    Unlock scanner
    Your scanner has a lock to protect the scanner carriage mechanism during shipping. Before you operate the scanner, you need to disengage the lock.

    Locate the lock at the bottom of the scanner, and remove the Styrofoam from the lock cavity. To unlock the scanner, press the handle in (towards where the Styrofoam was) while pushing up the carriage lock (the square tab) at the same time. Stop when the carriage lock cannot go any further; the carriage is now unlocked.

    Install interface card
    Before installing the interface card supplied with your scanner, make sure you turn off your computer and peripherals. Then follow the steps below:

    Before handling the interface card, touch a metal frame (such as your computer casing) to discharge any static electricity buildup in your body.

    Shut down your computer and unplug the power cord. Then remove the cover from your computer.

    Look for an empty ISA slot (the black 8-bit, AT-style slots) in your computer, then insert the interface card. To insert, remove the screw that holds the metal bracket, then remove the bracket itself. When you insert the card, make sure the card is seated all the way into the slot, especially the back, then put the screw back into the bracket.

    If the back of the card pops out a little when you tighten the screw on the card, make sure that the back of the card (as well as the front) is in all the way, held in place by the card slot, to ensure a proper connection. This is important, as an improper card connection will make you unable to use your scanner, and you will then have to remove the computer case and start the process all over again.

    Replace the cover of the computer, then plug the power cord back in place.

    When you start Windows 95 or Windows 98 with the Adaptec AVA-1505 SCSI card installed in your computer, the card is detected and the driver automatically installed. You may be asked to insert your Windows 95 CD-ROM. Do so, and follow the steps below to check your card status.

    Turn on your computer, and click Start, Settings, and then Control Panel.
    Double-click the System icon in Control Panel, and select Device Manager from the top.
    Double-click SCSI controllers to display the string, "Adaptec AVA 1505 SCSI Host Adapter", as shown below.

    This string indicates whether or not the driver is installed and if the card is working properly. If a conflict exists:
    A yellow exclamation mark appears next to the phrase, like this:

    Adaptec AVA-1505 SCSI Host Adapter- or - The device "Adaptec AVA 1505 SCSI Host Adapter is not listed under SCSI Controllers".

    In either case, refer to a separately printed document included in your scanner package, called Troubleshooting for the Adaptec 1505AE.

    Install your software
    Insert the Microtek CD-ROM into your CD-ROM drive. The Microtek Software Installer screen should come up automatically. Select the language you wish to use, and the next screen will show the software available for you to install.

    See the section below for notes on installing individual software. (For a description of what each software can do, see the section "Getting started with your software" in your user guide.

    Note: If the Microtek Scanner Software program is not automatically displayed, choose Start, Run, type d:\cdsetup (where d: is your CD-ROM drive), and click OK.

    Install Microtek ScanWizard
    In the Microtek Software Installer screen, click the "Install software" button for Microtek ScanWizard, then follow screen instructions.

    When the Select Component dialog box appears, choose the option Adaptec SCSI Interface Card as your card type. By default, "Parallel Printer Port Interface" is selected; you need to change this.

    Continue until installation of ScanWizard is finished. When asked if you wish to restart your computer, select No to continue installing other programs.

      Follow screen instructions during installation of each software. Default values are specified at every point during installation; simply accept these values to continue installation until you finish.

      In some applications, auxiliary information (such as the Read me file) may be displayed after that particular program finishes installing. Simply click the "X" close box at the upper right corner of the displayed window to return to the Microtek Software Installer.

      After all the software has been installed, click Exit at the Microtek Software Installer screen.

      NOTE: If the Microtek Software Installer program does not come up automatically, double-click My Computer on your Windows desktop, then double-click the CD-ROM icon to start the installer program.

      Connect the Scanner
      Make sure your computer is turned off before connecting the scanner. Depending on your scanner model, you may get SCSI Cable A or SCSI Cable B. See below for details.

      Using SCSI Cable A(25-pin / 50 pin)

      Using SCSI cable B (25-pin / 25-pin)

      Plug the power cord to the power connector at the back panel of the scanner, and plug the other end of the power cord to your AC power source at wall outlet. Next, turn on your scanner and wait for all the lights on the front panel to stop blinking and the ready indicator to become solid green. Then power up your computer.

      Note : You may need to use a terminator in your system, especially if your scanner is daisy-chained to other peripheral devices. For more information, refer to your scanner user's manual on your Microtek CD-ROM.

      Check your scanner status
      When running Windows, ALWAYS turn on the scanner before the computer. If you don't, Windows will not be able to "see" your scanner. The first time you start Windows with the scanner connected, Windows will recognize your scanner and add it to the system automatically. To check the scanner and make sure it was installed correctly, do the following:

      Click Start, Settings, and select Control Panel.
      Double-click on the System icon in Control Panel, and select Device Manager from the top.

      The screen that appears displays the message "MICROTEK Scanners" indicating that the scanner is properly installed.

      If your system is unable to find your scanner, a SCSI conflict may have occurred between your scanner and another SCSI device. To resolve the conflict, refer to a separately printed document included in your scanner package, called Troubleshooting for the Adaptec 1505AE.

      Test your scanner
      Click Start, Programs, Microtek ScanWizard for Windows 95 (or Windows NT), and then select Scanner Test.

      When the Scanner Test program is launched successfully, the screen below appears.

      Place your document face down on the scanner glass. The top left corner of the document should be at the "0,0" position on the scanner's ruler guide.

      Click the Flatbed button on the Microtek ScanTest screen. A preview of your image will be displayed in the ScanTest. This indicates the Scanner Test was successful and that the scanner is now ready to be used. Close and exit the Scanner Test program.

      Installing Under Windows NT 4.0

      Follow the steps above as far as:

    • Unpacking your scanner.
    • Unlocking your scanner.
    • Installing the interface card. **
    • Installing ScanWizard. *
    • Installing other software

      *You must be logged in as Administrator in order to install the scanner software components.
      **Windows NT is not a plug & play operating system. You will have to setup the device manually.

      Check Windows NT configuration
    • Start Windows NT 4.0 and log in as Administrator.

    • Open My Computer, double-click on Control Panel, and double-click on the SCSI Controllers icon.
    • Select the Drivers tab in the SCSI Controllers dialog box, and click on the Add button.
    • From the list of drivers that appear, select Adaptec for manufacturers on the left, and select Adaptec AHA-1510 / AHA 1515 / AHA 1520 / SCSI Host Adapter on the right. You may be asked to insert your Windows NT CD-ROM at this point; do so.
    • You will be asked to restart your computer. Click Yes to do so.

    • Test scanner
      Restart your computer, and start up Scanner Test from the Microtek ScanWizard for Windows NT group. The scanner test reports the detected scanner model and the interface card "Sparrow" (the name of the driver used by Windows for Adaptec 1500-series cards). You are now ready to scan.