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Microtek has been developing technologies and products using extensive in-house expertise. These technologies have enabled the design of a wide range of products that meet the specific needs of each customer and market. Over the span of more than a quarter century, Microtek has accumulated a vast technology knowledge base in digital imaging field, including more than 400 patents.

This state-of-the-art technical portfolio has positioned Microtek as one of the professional manufacturer in digital imaging application. With more than 30 years of cumulative experience in digital imaging, Microtek organizes related technologies into platform-based structure, which allows easier and modular system integration.

This development approach results in faster realization of new innovative technologies and more reliable quality. These technical platforms include color-processing, optical engine, mechanical-transportation structure, electronic system, application analysis software, etc.
Color processing technology integration
Color balance processing Auto color restorationGradation processing Auto color enhancement Color matching and Correction
Optical design capabilities
Optical imaging design Optical lens design simulation High-speed image capture system High brightness light source system design Automatic Optical Inspection System
Mechanical structure and development capabilities
Product appearance designThe structural strength, stress analysis ADF (automatic sheet-fed) mechanism designThe structural energy, thermal analysisThe structural vibration analysis
Transmission structure and development capabilities
High-speed transmission design High-precision body development High-speed automatic sheet-fed drive system A linear drive system
Software development capabilities
Windows, Mac, WinCE, Linux user interface (UI) Development Platform TWAIN interface design Image processing applications Image recognition applicationsDMS (Data Management System)
Low-level driver (machine code machine
Electronic hardware development capabilities
Self-developed image processing integrated ASIC, complex electronic control circuits, concentrated in a small IC. Optical sensors (CCD, CIS, CMOS) process technology application Optical-to-analog signal technology development Analog to digital signal control technology Electronic circuit board design integration technologies
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