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MiPAX-Dental Workstation
CE MDD Certified Dental PACS

Microtek PACS-Dental Workstations are dental PACS with SFDA certified medical image digitizers, including the Medi-1200 and Medi-2200 Plus. The PACS-Dental Workstations have designed as the total solution for dental X-Ray films digitizing with DICOM ready function. It can be not only a digitizing workstation in small clinics but also a gateway to connect to PACS in large hospitals. The PACS-Dental Workstations give the dental professionals document/film scanning solutions with many powerful features and great image quality at an affordable price.

Equipped with high optical resolution, excellent Dmax, and 16-bit grayscale, PACS-Dental systems ensure that your scans will capture all the details presenting in light and darkness areas, offering the superior image quality to the dental professionals. The systems are able to scan various sizes of dental films, including panoramic, cephalometric, and intraoral films, letting dental professionals easily archive any size of dental films. With designed compact size, the digitizers are perfect for limit space of dentist's office and quality check station. The systems are easy to operate, clean, and maintain.

In addition, through Microtek PACS systems with DICOM ready function, you can easily and quickly make medical images digitized or archiving with many features to support query, retrieve, view, measurement, notation, report, DICOM print, CD-burning, database backup, and send DICOM files to any PACS/HIS system.
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