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Intelligent DICOM Gateway
More than a DICOM Gateway Microtek Intelligent DICOM Gateway is specially designed for converting medical image and video image to DICOM 3.0 file. It can capture non-DICOM images directly from endoscope, ultrasound, angiography, CT, ECG, and so on, by connecting to the analog video inputs, USB, etc. Besides, it can import image file of .JPG and .BMP into the PACS system. With many powerful features, Microtek DICOM Gateway can mark the images with notations and combined the images into the report of the medical professionals. The medical reports can be easily print out and uploaded into the PACS system. Intelligent DICOM Gateway is not only an easy and user-friendly solution, but also a complete electronic medical record system. To get more information of the Intelligent DICOM Gateway, please contact our sales team.
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