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If scanning papers, reports or dissertations are your main purpose, but you sometimes also need to scan 35 mm films or transparencies as your references, Microtek ScanMaker 3880 and ScanMaker s460 are your first choices.

Of the Microtek scanners, ScanMaker 3880 is embedded in CCD sensor with optical resolution up to 1200 dpi. Moreover, three customizable buttons, strong and resistance straight open design, and removable “Transparency Media Adapter,” which can scan 35 mm films and transparencies, are the spectacular features of the ScanMaker 3880. The ScanMaker s460 is implemented CCD with optical resolution up to 4800 dpi. The five functional buttons, A4 size document scanning flatbed, and the astonishing and fashionable side open design with flexible “Transparency Media Adapter”, makes the ScanMaker s460 more fashionable and modern.

Besides, Microtek’s “Data Management System” can complete and fulfill what you need in home to scan documents and films.
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