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MiPAX-Endo Workstation

Capture while Recording

MiPAX-Endo workstation is Microtek medical image system for the modalities, such as endoscopes, ultrasound, CT, angiography, etc. With many powerful image management functions, MiPAX-Endo is specially designed for medical video image capture and provides very convenient image digitizing for medical professionals. Not only provides medical video image acquisition with the professional pedals, continuatively recording video & audio for 4 hrs, but also captures medical image while recording just simply pressing the pedals. It’s also available to operate by pressing keyboard, hot-key, mini pad, or using mouse, preset-timing, and touch panel screen.

Among many smart tools of image management, the handy tool of 8-way direction arrows can make notations on the image. The important notation can be saved and printed on the medical report. Besides, MiPAX-Endo supports medical report generator and fast report printing with quality image. With built-in medical lexicon and report templates, MiPAX-Endo supports convenient, intelligent, and customized report efficiently.

In addition, through the MiPAX-Endo workstation with DICOM ready function, you can easily and quickly make medical images digitized or archiving with many features to support query, retrieve, view, zoom, rotation, measurement, notation, report, print, CD-burning, database backup, and send DICOM files to any PACS/HIS system from any procedure rooms and medical departments.

To get more information of the MiPAX with clinically proven image quality and excellent performance, please contact our sales team.

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