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Scanner for Small Office
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For the art, pre-press, billboard shops and other art manufactories, they need scanners presents high resolution to deliver perfect image quality to capture images. Microtek released new professional scanners for users to scan different sizes of positive or negative films. Each scanner has spectacular specifications. Besides, those scanners with powerful software can let users scan pictures or capture images easier and more convenient.

Some recommended scanners:

ScanMaker i800 Plus, offers a wonderful image quality such as 48 bit color depth, 4800 x 9600 dpi resolution, hi speed USB 2.0, 8”x 12 Transparency Media Adapter, and multi-function EZ-LOCK film frame which can process 35mm, 4”x 5”and panoramic 6 x 17 film, is perfect for company, SOHO and family

ScanMaker 9800 Plus has the prominent features such as 1600 dpi optical resolution, which has the larger scanner area than the other brand of scanners in the market. Moreover, with 3.7 Dmax and 48 bit color depth, SM9800 Plus present the excellent image to satisfy your needs on working.

ScanMaker 1000XL, furthermore, with superior 3200 optical resolution, 4.0 Dmax and 48 bit color depth, is perfect for professional art work and pre-press.
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For the art, pre-press, billboard shops and other art manufactories, they need...more
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